The road safety initiative aims to create road safety awareness amongst all motorists, including the general public and fleet operators. The initiative is supported by leading South African companies in an effort to reduce vehicle accidents and fatalities.

The road safety initiative, themed ‘Be Aware. Be Focused.’ aims at educating all road users about the risks of distracted driving. Through activities and engagement the focus this year is on:

  • Educating road users about truck blind spots;
  • Being aware of pedestrians;
  • Understanding what a safe following distance is; and
  • General safe driving practices.

Road users are encouraged to take the Road Safety Pledge – a commitment to consistently abide by the rules of the road and responsible road safety behaviour – as well as encourage their friends and family to follow suit. Once road users have taken the pledge online, they can share it on their various social media platforms, as well as via their email account, which will assist in spreading the message about safe road usage even further.

Taking place at three locations nationally, road users will be exposed to a simulated driving experience. In addition, actual trucks will be used to demonstrate a truck driver’s perspective of the road in order to create awareness of a truck’s blind spots.

Road users travelling along the major routes are encouraged to stop at any one of the below listed fuel stations on 15 December, in order to take the pledge and participate in activities with some spot prizes being sponsored to participating road users:

One life lost on our roads, is one too many – we need to all take action, if we hope to make a difference.

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